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VIBRATING SCREENS MANUFACTURERS IN CHENNAI CONVEYOR MAGNETIC SEPARATOR How Is Magnetic Conveyors Work? Magnetic conveyors, otherwise called a magnet conveyor, are much the same as different conveyors in that they move item from one finish to the next, either through a box or on top of a responding belt. The significant qualification lies in their utilization of conveyor magnets, which permit these conveyors to use a material's magnetic properties. Similarly dispersed electromagnets are set inside the bed of the conveyor, and when powered and planned these magnets will convey  ferromagnetic items . The strength of the magnetic fascination is sufficiently huge to oppose gravity impacts, implying that these conveyors can be utilized in any direction, from flat to lean to vertical to even upside down. This strength can likewise be changed in view of utilization, implying that both light and weighty things can be conveyed, expecting they are magnetic in nature. VIBRATING SCREEN How to